About Us


Traditionally The Heritage Who's Who publishes an annual hard covered, gold leaf inscribed business to business biographical professional directory that distinguishes and honors individuals for their accomplishments in their field of endeavor.The Heritage Who's Who book can be referenced in libraries. In addition the members are  profiled and published on this website thereby further enhancing their exposure and networking possibilities. To be in tune with our members and the changes in their lives, members now have the option to edit their own profile whenever the need arises as well upload/change their own photo to their profile.

Qualifications for Inclusion


Based on an individual's present  position and achievements as well as their lifetime of accomplishments; we select individuals who have attained a recognizable degree of success in their industry, business, profession and community and thereby enhancing their organization and the people that are served by it.    




Our mission continues to be a recognizable and distinguishable biographical reference publication. Tremendous advances in internet technology has expanded the use and content of the publication for our members. The world now changes at a much faster pace and through new technology, members have the option of updating their profile and organization's information to stay in touch and reach their ever expanding marketplace whenever the need arises.